Help Wanted


1. History and description of business and/or business plan including number of new jobs to be created as a result of financing.
2. Personal History Statement.
3. Resumes of principals involved in management.
4. Current personal financial statement on each owner of 20% or more.
5. Last three years personal income tax returns on each owner of 20% or more.
6. Last three years’ fiscal financial statements including balance sheet, income and cash flow statements.
7. Last three years business income tax returns, if applicable.
8. Current interim financial statement, less than 90 days old.
9. Two years income statement projections
10. Schedule of business debts
11. Information regarding any previous or current government financing for business or principals.
12. Names of any affiliated businesses, i.e. common ownership; and, their last two years financial statements.
13. Franchise Agreement, if applicable
14. Cost documents, i.e. real estate purchase agreement, contractor estimates, vendor quotes.
15. Independent appraisal of property/business valuation, if applicable.
16. Environmental analysis, if available.
17. Marketing plan, if applicable.
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